Cacao, An Elevated Indulgence: Delicious & Nutritious

Rich in prebiotics, antioxidants and energy, cacao's benefits are backed by research. Read below to learn more about how cacao can support you.



  • Cacao's antioxidants, known as flavanols, have been shown to produce a vasodilatory effect in your body as well, helping to increase blood flow
  • Your blood vessels naturally become more rigid as you age. As such, cacao's antioxidant flavanols act as a sort of anti-aging remedy, helping to keep your body's systems more flexible and functioning properly as you mature.
  • Improved circulation is significant as your body depends on the nutrients your blood carries to function properly. Better blood flow means healthier, more elastic skin, stronger cardiovascular health and improved cognitive function


  • Cacao contains a variety of elements that help provide you with a gentle, longer-lasting energy boost. First, cacao's caffeine content is similar to that of green tea with only 10-15mg per serving. Enough to lift you up, but not enough to push you over the edge.
  • Second, cacao is rich in theobromine, a cousin to caffeine. Whereas caffeine stimulates your nervous system, theobromine stimulates your heart. Theobromine's heart energy lasts nearly twice as long as caffeine.
  • Last, but not least, cacao is rich in magnesium. One serving of our nitro cacao equates to nearly an entire avocado when it comes to magnesium content. Magnesium is an essential mineral, playing a significant role in over 300 enzymatic reactions in your body. However, most women in modern society are deficient in it. Some of magnesium's potential benefits include improved sleep quality and reduced anxiety.