Pa’lante Always: Our Story

Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened. Onward, forward, always!


I grew up in southwestern Colombia in the province of Huila. Throughout my childhood, the region was filled with conflict. From civil war to narcoterrorism, everyone I knew was impacted by the violence in some way. After high school, I moved to Ecuador in search of a better future. Pa'lante!


That's where I met Curtis! He was in the capital city of Quito that summer volunteering at a food pantry and I just happened to be volunteering there too. Our worlds collided and nothing would ever be the same. Pa'lante!

Austin, Texas

In 2015, we moved to Austin, Texas, the cold brew capital of the world. It was then that Curtis and I began to have a conversation around coffee and cacao. During some of his meetings at local coffee shops, Curtis had been experiencing anxiety. Physically shaking even. He suspected it was the coffee. Little did he know that my grandparents had owned a coffee farm when I was a child. I would occasionally even help my grandmother sort coffee beans when visiting. Unfortunately, while I loved coffee's flavor and aroma, like Curtis, I didn't love how coffee made me feel. So, I turned to cacao instead! Early every morning, my great-aunt Celina would make me a warm cup of cacao before school. When I told Curtis about my daily cacao ritual, it sparked his creativity. A few months later, cold brew cacao was born.

Let's keep moving pa'lante!