Q: What does Pa'lante mean?

A: Pa'lante (pah - lahn - teh) is a Spanish affirmation and shortened version of "para adelante," a common phrase made up of para, meaning "for," and adelante, meaning "forward." 

Combined, these two words loosely translate as "onward," "forward" or "keep going." You can listen to a pronunciation here.

Q: What is Pa'lante Nitro Cacao?

A: Pa'lante Nitro Cacao is a line of plant-based, nitrogen-infused chilled cacaofruit beverages that refresh and uplift. Each flavor is sustainably crafted using certified upcycled cacaofruit and organic kukicha green tea. Together they refresh thanks to naturally occurring antioxidants, prebiotics, L-theanine and a small amount of caffeine.

Q: What is a cacao ceremony?

A: Cacao ceremonies are a type of refreshment ritual where you pause, breathe, and reconnect with yourself while sipping on a cacao beverage. These ceremonies are rooted in a re-balancing of energies within us. We believe it's important to set aside time throughout your day to just be

Q: Where do you source your cacaofruit from?

A: We partner with cacaofruit farmers in Ecuador who implement an innovative method of capturing the cacaofruit during the cacao harvest.

Q: How is cacao pronounced?

A: Cacao is pronounced kuh - kau. You can listen to a pronunciation here.

Q: When is the best time to drink nitro cacao?

A: We recommend enjoying our drinks whenever you're thirsty, day or night!

Q: How much caffeine is in each nitro cacao drink?

A: Each of our drinks contain between 10-15mg of caffeine in each serving, which is similar to a green tea.

Q: What type of sweeteners do you use?

A: None! Our drinks are completely void of added sugar.

Q: Are your drinks vegan?

A: Yes! All of our products are vegan.

Q: Are your beverages perishable or shelf stable?

A: All of our beverages are perishable and require refrigeration.